Typically, our customers require top-grade system components. It’s a much more involved process than simply filling orders. Through the years, our quality assurance expertise has led to close long- lasting relationships with our customers.

Quality and Documentation

Our sourcing process is meticulously documented to ensure industry standards and requirements are met without deviation. Many of our customers require very specific materials and Star Werks procures and reviews materials, approving those which meet the quality standards.

High-end Sourcing

As your manufacturing partner, Star Werks offers more than just procurement of materials. Our customers have peace of mind knowing that the parts they receive from us will be free from issues, thanks to our in-house QA experts. Once the parts are in, they are individually put through rigorous testing and are subject to the following value added services.

  • Certification
  • Calibration
  • Replacement
  • Refurbishing